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Business and Strategy

  • First global energy business strategy

Flexible, 3rd generation PV technology manufacturer (2006)

  • Originated 11 patents in Thin-Film PV

Production, testing and applications (2007)

  • Globally endorsed finance sector report:

Thin-Film PV – Bright Prospects and Shady Claims (2008)

  • Formulations of successful IPO architecture

Leading PV manufacturer, Hong Kong (2010)

  • Co-authored book on energy implementation in the developing world

Engineering in Development: Energy – for Engineers Without Borders UK (2013/14)

  • Author of a book detailing a strategy for supplying energy services globally

Selling Daylight - (released 2017)

Global Irradiation map.png


Award-winning ‘streetsmart’ urban solar lighting system

Design and development (UK, 2004)​

World's first building integrated off-grid solar lighting system

Design and implementation (2005)

London Urban Oasis project. The first urban fuel cell-Wind-PV system in the UK

Design and commissioning of the energy system (2006)

Award-winning solar LED lighting products

Product of the year and best in class awards (ifc Lighting Africa, 2012)

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