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Our services are most valuable for:

  • Investors concerned with thin-film, flexible and 'next generation' PV technologies

  • Organisations commercialising laboratory proof-of-concept technologies

  • Academic institutions defining R&D strategy for PV technologies

We technically and commercially assess PV technology readiness.

For emerging technology, we help shorten the time between pilot production and commercial application.


Novel and emerging PV technologies have promised an energy revolution for two decades.

Commonly referred to as 3rd- or next-generation PV, the theoretical potential has understandably enticed investors to commit billions of dollars with the expectation – and often promise – of versatile electricity generation at a cost undermining the incumbents.

Unfortunately, very little materialised as a result of this investment – and the reputation of the whole PV industry suffered as a result.

Thin-film PV - particularly flexible formats manufactured using a roll-to-roll process - have been demonstrated in laboratories and produced in small scale for many years. Commercial volume manufacture is a whole different challenge however.

Manufacturing any PV technology is a balance between cost, efficiency, form factor and mechanical resilience of the end product. The priority for each must be carefully established against a whole host of considerations ranging from material purity, production limitations, product application and commercial markets.

Commercial opportunity

A non-glass PV technology with 3% efficiency, 3 years life and $20/Watt cost is already commercially viable for certain applications.

Commercial success is achieved by matching the technology to the right applications and articulating technical and market limitations.


There is no end to PV technology development. To maintain commercial viability, product application must be matched to every stage of technology progress.

Our experience

Our team has over a decade of direct experience developing flexible thin-film PV.

Our work has included technology improvement strategies, product application roadmaps and investor-focussed business plans.

We have long established partners in PV chemistry, production, testing, product design and finance. 

Typical services​

  • Technology commercialisation – routes to market, product applications, timescales and costs

  • Business development - including funding and IPO strategy

  • Value propositions, market positioning and product development

  • Solar cell development – viability analysis of materials, production techniques, costs and timescales

  • Flexible PV production – cost, volume, yield and performance assessment and prioritisation

  • Roll-to-roll pilot production and technical development of PV technology


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