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Kefalonia system 1
Off-grid wellhead platform
Kefalonia system 2
Degraded modules on wellhead
Off-grid bus shelter (London)
Serpentine gallery 2005
Off-grid telecoms (Turkey)
Stone cage over PV
PV system battery bank


We support organisations concerned with developing, implementing or using autonomous energy services.

We design, value and assess stand-alone solutions to power equipment or provide DC or AC electricity where mains or other options are not available, not sufficiently reliable or of poor quality.


Market need and demand

Our technical and commercial expertise enables the lowest lifetime cost option where:

  • Economically valuable or safety critical equipment is being powered

(where downtime must be avoided if at all possible)

  • Long operational life is required, or economically essential

  • Low maintenance is essential or economically beneficial

  • Environmental resilience is required – deserts, polar regions, water, corrosive or explosive conditions

  • Specialist features are required, such as vandal resistance, theft prevention or lightning protection

We use our expert design capabilities to meet even the most stringent of client and application needs.

Typical services

  • Consumer product functional design – pico-lights, Solar Home Systems and innovative devices

  • Diesel generator replacement - including financial modelling

  • PV system technical design, including 20+ year nominal operational life

  • Procurement specifications for client ownership

  • Field evaluation of existing systems

  • PV system training - technical and commercial​

Our experience

  • Our core team and long-established partners have been supplying dependable energy solutions for over two decades.

  • Our work spans the whole range of stand-alone PV formats, from explosion-proof systems for industry to domestic services for energy-poor regions.

  • We have designed and implemented complex solar electricity solutions for urban environments, extreme climates and highly specialised applications.

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