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Book written by Martin Bellamy, Moyo Energy Ltd, 2017.

Selling Daylight bookcover_Front.jpg

What motivates companies to invest giant sums of money? What connects two billion people without dependable electricity with driverless vehicles, virtual reality tech, and the “Internet of Things”?

Absolutely enormous commercial potential. Energy services in the developing world represent a $100 billion commercial market. So where are the proportionate development programmes?

Though driven by ethical convictions, Selling Daylight is explicitly commercial. It is a dynamic business strategy for how to make money supplying dependable and versatile energy services to energy-poor countries; and the wider world.

The culmination of over 20 years of professional experience, Selling Daylight describes an alternative approach to global energy provision. It reveals why the global commercial opportunity for autonomous energy is massively higher than existing sales suggest.

There are more applications of stand-alone solar energy than there are apps for smartphones. We now have a unique opportunity to do for energy services what mobile phones have done for communications.

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