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Book written for Engineers Without Borders (UK), 2014

co-authored by Martin Bellamy, Moyo Energy Ltd

EWB EinD ENRGY book cover (2nd print).jp

Energy is essential for social and economic development and can improve quality of life for billions of people, but only when implemented appropriately. The value of an energy service is hugely dependent on local needs and circumstances; and is therefore deceptively complex.


This book is a practical guide for those wishing to implement energy services in the developing world. It describes the process of engaging with local stakeholders to identify needs, assessing the most appropriate technology solutions, project  implementation and, critically, how to ensure lasting value.


The book Selling Daylights takes a long-term, global view of energy service solutions. EinD: Energy addresses the need for quality energy services now. Both books champion best practice rather than best promotion from individuals and organisations alike.


Purchase the printed book here: Engineering in Development: Energy. (All profits go to Engineers Without Borders UK.)

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